How to report a bug in Lmod

Lmod has some built-in tools to make debugging possible on your site. The first feature of Lmod is the configuration report:

$ module --config

This reports how Lmod has been configured at build time as well as any LMOD_* environment variables set. The second tool is the debug output also built-in to Lmod:

$ module -D load foo 2> load.log

The -D option turns on the debug printing and will report all the steps that Lmod took to load a module called foo. Note that the configuration report is at the top of every debug output.

Steps to report a bug

  1. Test your bug against the latest release from github. Please pull the HEAD branch.

  2. Try to reduce the problem to the fewest number of modules. Shoot for 1 or 2 modulefiles if you can.

  3. Run the command that fails. i.e. module -D cmd modulefile … 2> lmod.log

  4. Combine the lmod.log file, the modulefiles from step 2, and possibly the spider cache file into a tar file.

  5. Send the tar file to