Site and user control of defaults, aliases and hidden modules

Lmod uses a .modulerc.lua or .modulerc file to control the default version and other things as describe in Marking a Version as Default. Lmod also allows sites to control the defaults, aliases and hidden modules from a system location. Also users can override these defaults and add new aliases and hidden modules via a personal ~/.modulerc.lua or ~/.modulerc file. Note that lua files always take priority over non-lua files.

A default can be specified in three ways:

  1. default, .version, .modulerc.lua or .modulerc file in the module tree as describe earlier.

  2. One or more system MODULERC files: $LMOD_MODULERCFILE or $MODULERC or <INSTALL_DIR>/../etc/rc.lua

  3. A ~/.modulerc.lua or ~/.modulerc

The highest priority for defaults are the user MODULERC files, followed by the system MODULERC file(s) and the lowest priority are the files in the module tree. In other words a user or system MODULERC file can override the default modules.

All lua modulerc files support the following commands:

module_version (“known_version”,”default”):

This command marks a known version to be the default. If there are duplicates, the last one applies.

module_version (“known_version”,”alias”):

The known version can be also known as the alias. For example: module_version(“ab/7.4”, “7”) means that the ab/7.4 and ab/7 names the same modulefile.

module_alias (“alias”, “known_version”):

An alias can be used as a global alias. For example: module_alias(“z13”, “z/13.0.1”) says that “module load z13” will load the “z/13.0.1” modulefile.

hide_version (“fullName”):

This command will hide all “fullName” modules. So if there are multiple phdf5/1.8.6 module, then all will be marked as hidden. See the isVisible hook in SitePackage.lua and hooks to do more complicated hiding.

hide_modulefile (“full_path”):

This command will hide just one module located at “full_path” modules. This way only modulefile can be hidden. See the isVisible hook in SitePackage.lua and hooks to do more complicated hiding.

The TCL files support similar commands:

module-version known_version default

see module_version() above.

module-version known_version alias

see module_version() above.

module-alias alias known_version

see module_alias() above.

hide-version fullName

see hide_version above.

hide-modulefile full_path

see hide-modulefile above.

System MODULERC files

By default, Lmod looks in /path_to_lmod/lmod/../etc/rc.lua or /path_to_lmod/lmod/../etc/rc to find a system MODULERC file. The lua file takes precedence over the TCL version. Or you can set either LMOD_MODULERCFILE or MODULERCFILE to be a single file or a colon separated list. If more than one file is specified then the priority is left to right.